Inspire Your Budding Artist

To Express Themselves By

Learning To Face Paint!

"A Total Game Changer."

My son's anxiety has been through the roof.

Now he reaches for his paints, transforms into a 'big, big tiger', and heads outside after school.

They'll get professional paints, a live lesson from a character,
and see their friends at this 30 min online face painting party!

What's Included?

Face Painting Parties Include:


We ship a 10+ use, professional grade face paint kit to each guest.

(free shipping)


A professional face painter (in full character) will teach your child how to re-create a whimsical design they'll be proud of.


Our (very) fancy virtual invitation software will notify your guests with animated invites at no extra cost to you.


My child doesn’t like distanced learning, how is this different?


Our performers are specifically trained on how to get (and then keep) children's attention.


They have quite the toolbox of tricks to get them laughing right away (even the most shy)! :-)

I have boys.  Will they like this?


Although our lesson is a tad on the feminine side, once they learn the basic skills, they can paint anything they like after the class!

What age range is this for?


We recommend ages 8+ (especially tweens).

What if I have to reschedule after I pick a date?


No problem! We can help you reschedule up to 24 hours before your scheduled time, no extra charge.

Can I just do a class with my child by themselves?



We call that a 'playdate' vs a 'party'.


The Online Parties vs Online Playdates:


The Online Playdates are designed to focus on 1 child (or a child and their siblings) to help them feel heard and magical. If you prefer this option, just drop us a line at and we can help you.

The playdate version of this class is $70 (includes 1 kit).




The Online Parties are a little different.


One of the biggest things we've heard from parents is that it is difficult to organize several families being online at the same time - so we take over that whole process for you.


Our booking SecreFaeries help organize the guests by creating virtual invites for you that 'automagically' remind your guests, and get them the info they need, so you don't have to feel like you're herding cats. 😂


Lastly, the performers that host the Online Parties are trained a little differently. They not only teach the children - but are taught how to help the children actually connect with one another on-screen.


The Online Party performers know how to take care of a zoom room full of friends, even with all their mics on, so they can learn along with each other :-)

What if I just want this for 1 kid, not 5?

How It Works

How It Works


If you need more paint kits, you can add them at checkout, or just let us know in the comments.

We need at least 10 days to ship kits.

How It Works


When we see your payment, we'll ask you for the time, date, character, + shipping addresses.

We respond within 2 business hours - PST.

How It Works


Their performer will give your child their full attention and get their wiggles out on the big day!

Sit back and get a break while we take over!

Prefer One on One?

Book a Paint Party

They'll get professional paints, a live lesson from a character,
and their teacher's full attention!