Book a Party

Book a Party

They'll do magic, talk to puppets,
and see their friends at this 30 min party!

How It Works

How It Works


If your child would enjoy the Magical Gift Reveal, you can add it at checkout.

Want to book in less than 7 days? Skip the gift!


When we see your payment, we'll contact you to help you pick a time/date/character.

We respond within 2 business hours - PST.


Their performer will give your child their full attention and get their wiggles out on the big day!

Sit back and get a break while we take over!


My child doesn’t like to FaceTime with family, how is this different?


Our performers are specifically trained on how to get (and then keep) children's attention. They have quite the toolbox of tricks to get them laughing right away (even the most shy)! :-)

I have boys.  Will they like this?


Absolutely! We designed our playdates from our experience of entertaining over half a million children at 17,000 events since 2006. The biggest thing we've learned is how to keep a mixed audience engaged!

What age range is this for?


We have activity plans for children ages 2-13. We will help you pick an age appropriate one to make the perfect playdate.

What if I have to reschedule after I pick a date?


No problem! We can help you reschedule up to 24 hours before your scheduled time, no extra charge.

How is this different from the Online Playdates?


The Online Parties vs Online Playdates:

The Online Playdates are designed to focus on 1 child (or a child and their siblings) to help them feel heard and magical.

They include a live performer using several activities (magic, puppets, and singing) to get them wiggling and giggling.


The Online Parties are a little different.

We create custom activity plans that will engage the age range of the children.

Also, the performers that host the Online Parties are trained a little differently.

They not only play with the children- but are taught how to help the children actually connect with one another on-screen.

The Online Party performers know how to take care of a zoom room full of friends, even with all their mics on, so they can play with each other :-)

Book a Party

Book a Party

They'll do magic, talk to puppets,
and see their friends at this 30 min party!