Terms & Conditions

These are the Terms & Conditions for redeeming a Fairytale Experience visit.

Looking for our Terms & Conditions for gifting a Fairytale Experience visit? Find them here!


Our magical powers allow us to travel to many kingdoms in California.

Our Performers can bring our extra sparkle to private homes, parks, offices, restaurants, you name it! We currently travel to the following areas of California without any traveling fees:

San Francisco Bay Area

North Bay*
South Bay
East Bay & Bay Area Peninsula

Santa Cruz County

From Monterey to Boulder Creek

Sacramento Area

From Midtown to El Dorado Hills, we travel to several areas in Sacramento.*

Los Angeles Area

From east to west and north to south, we love flying around LA and its surrounding cities.*

*Some restrictions apply. Ask your booking SecreFaerie if we travel to your fair kingdom!


Even though gift cards are regularly non-refundable and cannot be redeemed for cash, if we do not travel to your area, we will refund the gift card in full.


Want to confirm if we travel to a city? Text us!


(916) 534-8634


We respond 7 days a week, excluding holidays.

Please don't try calling this number, it is reserved just for text messages.  

If we do not travel to your city, we will refund the gift card in full.


1.) Performer Requests:

We love to take Performer requests, but in order for us to make sure that we reach every celebration each weekend, we sometimes need to switch Performers around to cover any last minute emergencies that pop up (sick Performer, broken chariot, etc).

The good news is…that is how we have been able to attend more than 99.9% of the events that we have been invited to since we opened in 2006 (we’ve only had to cancel 1 visit in 10 years!).



2.) Refunds:


If you need to cancel a Fairytale Experience after a date has been reserved, you will receive 50% of its value back on a new gift card.

Prefer to receive 100% of your money back? Purchase our $25 cancellation insurance when you redeem your gift card. Insurance is only available during the checkout process when redeeming your gift card.

If insurance is not purchased at the time of checkout, we can only refund 50% of your gift card's value should you choose to cancel. Even if it rains. Even if someone falls ill. Even if you want to change the date of your event. Even if elephants come stampeding down the street.


Important note about moving your event’s date or time after redeeming your gift card:


After you redeem your gift card, if you've purchased the cancellation insurance, you are welcome to cancel your spot one time (up to 3 hours before the Performer’s arrival) and receive a new gift card of equal value to apply to a different date or time, or to items in our shoppe.

That means you can cancel your spot, receive a new card, and then either book a new spot right away if you know your new date or time, or you can wait to redeem the new gift card if you don't have a concrete plan right away.


Cancellation insurance is valid for one cancellation only.  


You are welcome to purchase new insurance when you redeem your new gift card.


3.) Confirming your details:

Once you redeem your gift card, you agree to log into our system (we will send you the log in information after your card is redeemed) to confirm that we have all the correct details in our calendar.

Please make sure to triple check the DATE/TIME/ADDRESS of your event! If there is a mistake that we don’t catch in time, there is a chance we won’t be able to fix it in time for your celebration (for example…if you accidentally save the wrong date with us…and then realize it a week before your celebration…there might not be a spot on the date you want!)


4.) Final balance (if applicable):

Unless other arrangements have been made with our SecreFaeries in advance, you agree to pay the Performer any remaining balance owed in cash at the end of the visit. We are terrified of personal checks! Thank you for understanding this!

We cannot accept personal checks of any kind. We will send them back to you if they are mailed in and they won’t be applied as a deposit, cancellation insurance, payment for products, or as final payment for a reservation.


6.) Adult supervison:

To comply with California childcare licensing laws, you understand that Happily Ever Laughter LLC requires adults to be onsite during your event. If adults will not be onsite during the event, you agree to notify Happily Ever Laughter LLC prior to redeeming your gift card so that appropriate accommodations can be made in advance.


7.) Obstacle Course Performer minimum:

If you have invited us to provide our Obstacle Course activity, we require at least 2 Happily Ever Laughter performers to be present.*

*If you have made other arrangements with the SecreFaeries to only have 1 Performer there, you agree to have an adult prepared to actively assist your Performer during the entire activity. If the adult stops assisting, we will end the activity.


8.) Rain Policy:


What a great excuse to wear those cute rain boots!

The sad part is that we won’t get to see them because we won’t be able to visit if we are scheduled to be outdoors.

After 10 years of trying to figure out how to perform in the rain without ruining our elaborate costumes (we love to make ’em over the top around here!) or soaking our supplies that are worth thousands of pounds of gold in rain and mud, we have never found the perfect solution.

So, sadly, as of 2016, we are going onto our knees (which is difficult with all these petticoats) to beg you to please have a back-up location planned if there is going to be rain that day.


What if there is no back-up location or we have to leave early? Here is the breakdown:


If you think you may to cancel because of rain – Purchase our cancellation insurance when you redeem your gift card! For only $25 you can rest easy knowing that you will receive a new gift card if you need to cancel (up to 3 hours before our scheduled arrival).


If you think you may have to cancel because of rain…but you didn’t purchase the cancellation insurance when you redeemed your gift card – Your gift card will be 50% refundable.  


If planned a back-up location and need to reroute all your guests – From all of us here to you, we applaud you! Thank you! Yay, dry guests! Yay, dry us! As long as we know at least 3 hours in advance, we can also be rerouted to that new location. If you forget to tell us, and we show up that the park, any time spent traveling to your new location will be counted as time that we were supposed to be at your event.


If you don’t cancel, and we show up and it is not raining yet (but it did earlier, and the ground is muddy/soaked) – We will bring out any activities that don’t require touching the ground. The only activities we can provide in this scenario are:


Face Painting

Balloon Twisting

Glitter Tattoos

Dazzle Designs

Sing Along


If you don’t cancel, and we show up and it is raining – We will sadly be unable to join in the fun, but hopefully you purchased that handy cancellation insurance so you won’t have to lose your 50% of your gift card's worth *wink*. We will be unable to offer the discounted future spot in this scenario to encourage not putting our performers through all the prep time and travel time.


If you don’t cancel, and it starts to rain during our visit – Be prepared for the quick (and friendly) departure of your performer as soon as those water droplets start to fall. The full gift card will still apply (yes, even if we leave early). We highly suggest avoiding this scenario because it is never fun to explain to guests why their Faerie or Mermaid had to fly away before having a chance to give everyone a turn with our activities. Be a hero, plan a back-up location!


And that…is all the information we have about rain *smile*.


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