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Which city can my party be in to apply these?


We travel to most cities in the following areas:


SF Bay Area

Monterey Bay

Los Angeles


Gift cards are non-refundable, (but never expire), so you might want to check to see if we can come to you before buying one. Just email us at


Can I buy these for a friend?


Yes! Use the ‘Send Gift Card’ button and our digital elves will deliver it in a cute, animated card to the platform of your choice.

Want to see a little preview of what it will look like? See the animated card your friend will receive! TAP HERE TO SEE


Who to gift these to:

The couple for the next wedding you're invited to. They'll thank you for taking something off their plate & if they don’t use them for their wedding, they can use them for any other party they want. They never expire.


Your bestie with kids who’s having a new baby because that something-year-old of theirs still wants a party on their birthday but their parents don’t even have time to shower yet.


The good news is they never expire & are fully transferable, so if the receiver winds up not using them, they can be passed on to a friend or family member that will.


I want to buy enough to cover an entire event - how many should I get?


We recommend at least $300 because our packages start around there. Down the line if you pick a show that costs less, we can help you apply the balance elsewhere.


I want to gift this to a friend but don't want to spend too much. If I gift them a card that isn't enough for a full experience, how do they use it?


First, they are going to have a real person to help them every step of the way if they need it. We are there for them.  

Second, we will keep it simple. They just enter the gift card number at check out and it discounts their purchase by the amount on the gift card!


I want to present my gift card as a gift without emailing it to the recipient. Can I do that?


Sure! Email it to yourself instead. Then you can print it and mail it, or forward it to the recipient.


How are they redeemed?


Enter the gift card code at check-out when paying.


Do they expire?




Are they refundable?


Nope. But you can transfer them to anyone!  


How do I use #girlmath to make booking you (basically) free?


Oh we got you. Here's the breakdown:


  1. How much do you normally spend on party activities? $200? We provide them so you can skip that.

    (pssst…if you aren't already, we highly suggest reading this like you’re Elle Woods from Legally Blonde. What? Like it’s hard?)

  2. Gas prices are outrageous. Save the $30 by skipping the trip to Target for activity stuff - we travel to you.

  3. Speaking of skipping that trip to many non-party related things will end up in your cart before check out? I think we may have just saved you another $150.


  4. You get your most precious resource back: Time. Because we plan, source, track, assemble, and run the party activities for you - you can spend time with your family instead of assembling goodie bags & prepping craft supplies.

  5. Skip more post-bedtime scrolling & trying to become a kids-party-guru. You’re hiring experts, you savvy girl-math-er. Honestly, what's a parent’s hourly rate? Like... $75/hr? So an hour a night for 7 nights is...omg. You just saved $525. You're amazing.

  6. As much as your neck and back love it when you hang up throw away decor every year, your wallet probably doesn't. Does hiring us really lead to fewer chiropractic bills? Almost certainly. And look at you. You just saved another $100 (that's what my chiro charges... anyway). So, skip the streamers because when we walk in, our themed costumes lift your theme higher than the ceiling.

  7. Ok, it's time to tally up.

    Party Activity Savings: $200

    Gas: $30

    Not going to Target: $150

    Your Time: (cause let’s be real, someone should be paying you): $575

    Chiropractic Visit skipped: $100.

    You just saved $1,055. You’re brilliant!



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