Faerie Good Advice

Memorable phone calls to children by Professional Faeries.

Want to remind them that mama will absolutely return from her business trip?

Or that their dentist just wants to help make their teeth strong?

Book a 'Faerie Good Advice' call & surprise them with the most magical phone call of their life (and receive a recording of it for them to play over and over again!).

Our creative twist on your advice will ensure your message is heard and not forgotten.

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Growing up is hard work.

It is beautiful to watch children find their own special ways of tackling challenges.

From sleeping with a favorite toy to feel safe at night, to having an invisible friend to talk to when they're lonely, children are constantly searching for ways to develop their inner strength as they grow. 

But sometimes, they just feel stuck.

Some things can seem too big to handle.

Mom's having a new baby.

Swimming lessons are just too scary. 

Sharing is hard. 

Grown-ups try to help them soothe their fears, but sometimes their loving advice doesn't make the impact that they hope it will. 

Next time you give advice, add a little magic.

Inspire resilience in your child with our 'Faerie Good Advice' phone calls.

Riiinnggggg! Rinnnggg!

Meet the Faeries on the other end of the phone!

The Original Professional Faeries

Miss Fae Diddle Diddle, Miss Violet, & Miss Meadow

This trio has perfected the skill of answering children's questions with hilarious and helpful responses after entertaining at over 4,500 events & training 250 performers for Happily Ever Laughter.

Each Faerie Good Advice call is approx. 10 minutes long, & includes a recording of the call for your child to replay over and over again.

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